Young and gifted

Making a difference in their communities...

Isn’t it cool that so many young girls are making a difference out there? Whether it’s fighting for human rights, inventing things that can save people’s lives or making a change in their communities. Youth Day is just around the corner and this is the perfect time to celebrate all the amazing girls doing great things to make a difference in their communities and country as a whole.

Let’s meet four young girls doing great things to make a change:

Gabriella Mogale

This 17-year-old from the Eastern Cape has invented fire-proof shacks. Gabriella was watching TV when she saw the sad news of shacks burning down in Knysna and people losing their homes “I decided to do something that could help people so that their homes don’t burn down or catch wildfires so I invented a fire-proof shack,” said Gabriella. It took her a month to work on the project and put her idea together.

Big ups to Gabriella!

Hlomela Bucwa

Hlomela made history by becoming the youngest Member of Parliament. Her passion for education is one of the reasons she was seen as the right person to be the voice of the youth especially for issues like education. “Look, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, but if you have a passion and want to make a difference you can!” says the Uitenhage born Democratic Alliance member.

Ashia Nkontsa

We all know how stressful it can be to be on our period. Sadly, some girls don’t even have pads to use when it’s that time of the month. When Ashia realised how girls miss out on school because they do not have pads to wear she started an organisation called Tag-A-Child. She and a group of her friends started Tag-A-Child, an organisation that collects pads and gives them out at schools to help the girls who cannot afford to buy them.

Brittany Bull

This 19-year-old has helped design Mzansi’s first privately-owned satellite. The satellite will help with weather movement so that people in the farming industry can know when to grow their crops. “My motivation to any young girl who wants to follow a career in science is that there is nothing stopping you because you will never know what you can give to the world until you try. The future is female,” says the teen from Cape Town.

Want to make a difference in your community but don’t know how? Here is some advice:

Start small, aim big: You don't need to have lots of money. You can start by helping one person at a time

Don’t be afraid to speak out: If you see an injustice, don't be afraid to speak out - as long as you stay safe

Follow your passion: Some people are great at writing or science and others were born to be politicians, use your talents to make a difference

Tell us how what you are doing to make a difference in your community.