There’s strength in weakness

You just have to own it

Confidence doesn’t mean you have no weaknesses or insecurities. It’s about being open about your insecurities and not letting them get in the way of achieving your goals and living your best life. People often makes big generalisations like “being emotional is a weakness” or “weak people aren’t successful”. But that’s not true.

Here’s how to tap into your weaknesses and become a stronger and more confident version of yourself:

Own your weakness

Most of us get defensive when our weaknesses are exposed. We tend to think people won’t respect us when we show signs of weakness. But we’re missing the big picture.

The thing is, when we admit a weakness, we gain strength because we now own it. No one can use it against us… unless we allow them to.

Owning your weakness helps you control the outcome, and that makes you feel more secure and confident in life.

Speak about your weaknesses

People are inspired by your actions, but they connect with you through your vulnerabilities. Vulnerability is when you open up about your emotions and share deep personal experiences about the real you. This helps people trust and connect with you because they can relate to your story. You’re never the only one experiencing something. You are never alone.

When people relate to your story, you can form powerful bonds. You also come across as truthful and authentic. Strong connections with other people will make you happier and more confident, so don’t be afraid to talk about how you really feel.

Act despite your weaknesses

Courage is feeling afraid but doing it anyway. Showing imperfections is only weak when those faults stop us from taking action. If you keep taking steps, you’ll build your confidence muscles. For example, feeling afraid of speaking in public, but raising your hand up in class regardless. Or, not knowing how to do something 100% but putting yourself forward for the opportunity anyways.

When you are open and accepting of your weaknesses, you can act on them and find ways to turn them into strengths. So don’t be quick to think being weak or emotional is a setback. When you own, speak about, and act on your weaknesses, it helps build your strength and makes you feel confident.