Relationship goals: me and mom

Find out how to make your relationship with mom work.

Here’s a lesson you need that no one told you: you need to work on your relationship with your mom. Moms can be a great support system, offering love, wisdom and support. That’s why the two of you need each other.

Make the first move
This Sunday, cook together or help her with a chore. Show your mom that even though sometimes you yell at each other, you still understand that it will pass. It’s not just her job to care for you, it’s your job to care for her.

Someone who totally gets you
Do you want someone who will truly understand how you feel? Try your mom. Everything you’re going through, she’s already been through. Turn the drama down a little and just talk to your mom about what’s bothering you.

Saying sorry is easy
Sometimes there are fights you have between you and your parents that aren’t little things — they’re big, life changing, things. We’re not talking about those. We’re talking about that one time when you yelled at her for embarrassing you in front of your friends. We’re talking about the dumb stuff. The stuff that when you think about it, you know is pretty much your fault. When you do dumb stuff, say you’re sorry. Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your mistakes. She might seem like she’s made of stone, but she gets hurt too. Learning to say you’re sorry can make all the difference. It’s a skill that will help you your entire life.

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