How to save

You’re never too young to start saving.

I wanted to buy my favourite novel but didn’t have the money. My bestie had a solution — saving. This when you put money aside for your future goals. But it’s not just money that’s left over after you’ve bought stuff. Saving should be a priority you plan for and commit to.

To start, decide how much you are going save, and how often. Is it going to be every week or at end of the month? I found that when it comes to saving, the most important step was getting started, and that even putting aside R2 every day helps.

Once I started saving, I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to save more money, other than my pocket money. I’m very good with kids, so I become a baby sitter. But your side hustle can be anything you’re good at, like braiding hair. If you’re older than 16, think about finding a weekend job, like being a shop assistant.

When saving, it helps to have have a goal. Wanting to buy my favourite novel kept me motivated on days when everything in me said “spend now”. So, it really helps to have a goal, like doing something nice for your family!

Ready to start? You need to keep your money some place safe, like in a money box that you lock and put somewhere secret. You can also ask an adult you trust to keep the money for you.

Remember the two rules of saving: get started, keep going.