How to nurture relationships with your strict parents/guardians

It is possible

Parents, we love them for taking care of us but sometimes communicating with them can be difficult. Some parents are easy going and give you a bit of freedom, others can be strict and difficult to reason with. If your parent is the second kind then communication can often break down. We’ve got some tips that you can use to start a healthy relationship with your strict parent.

Meet on mutual territory

Talking about topics that interest both you and your parent can be a gateway to starting a healthy relationship. Try to talk to your parent about things that they enjoy as well. Ask them about their day and how they are doing. You will be surprised to see how much they warm up when they notice that someone genuinely cares about them. Ask for stories of their youth and get them talking about who they were when they were younger. Nostalgia always tends to put adults in a good mood.

Do activities that you both enjoy

Spend some time bonding with your parent by doing activities that you both love. It doesn’t have to take much time or money. You can help you parent by washing the car or doing the dishes Watching TV also counts as a bonding experience. Spending time with someone gives you an opportunity to get to know that person better and this helps you understand them better.

Do something nice

Your parent is often overworked and tired. You can do something small to show that you care. This may seem irrelevant but by showing that you care, you change the mood of your parent for the better. And a happy parent is a more open parent.

When establishing a relationship with your strict parent, remember that timing is everything. If you don’t time your approach perfectly, you may damage your relationship further. Try not to approach your parents with sensitive topics when they are busy or in a grumpy mood. Soften them up with mild conversation before bringing in the heavier topics.

Tell us about what you are doing to improve the relationship with your mother or guardian?