Getting through the rest of the year

Planning for the next six months of school

School can be really hard, and sometimes we don’t get the marks that we want. The mid-year report is out, and you may not be happy about your results. That is okay, you still have another 6 months to get it together.There’s still time to improve on your school work and make the best of what’s left of this year.

Below are a few things you can do to help you along the next six months of school.

Meet with your subject teachers

Look at the subjects that you feel you can improve on and then set up a time to meet with the teachers so you can chat about what you can do to do better in the subject that gives you nightmares. Your teachers are there to give you all the support you need to do well and pass.

Study ahead

It always helps to look over what you’ll be studying in the next two terms. Read over the work in your textbooks or notes and see what your teacher will be teaching you. That way you are prepared to ask questions in class about the things you do not understand. Studying ahead will also help you feel more confident especially with the subjects that you struggle with.

Set goals

Goal setting is very important in helping you choose where you want to go in life. With your school work write down all the things you plan to achieve over the next six months. No matter how small a goal may seem, it helps to write it down so you can keep reminding yourself what it is you want to get done. When you have achieved one goal you can tick it off and move on to the next one.

Start a study group

Studying in a group can make studying easier because you get to share information with other learners in your class or grade. You can swap notes and also go over the work that was taught in class. Just make sure to work with learners who will not distract the group or only want to chat or have fun when you are supposed to be doing your school work. Chose a place to study that will be quiet like the library or an open classroom at school, wherever it is remember to stay safe. As a study group you can meet once or a few times a week.

Do you have any goals for the next 6 months? Tell us in the comments section.