Getting to the art of the matter

Express yourself, girl!

Hey, you! Yes, you! With the ears and the eyes! Have you ever been bored? Stressed? Sad? In love? Heartbroken? Have you ever wondered what to do with all of those immense and weird and wonderful feelings? We have the answer. Art!

Don’t worry if you think you’re not an artist — art is whatever you want it to be. Art is anything that expresses the feelings and thoughts of its creator and creates emotion from the people appreciating it. When you fall in love with a song’s lyrics? Art! Or a piece of writing that perfectly captures what you were feeling in your heart? Art!

Art to Live, Live to Art
Feeling bored and uninspired? Dance! Dance is movement and action, but it can also be complete self-expression. Dance with friends, or dance by yourself in your room.

If you’re into visual arts, it’s as simple as grabbing some paper and a pencil and letting it all out of you. Draw all the things in your head. Don’t worry if someone gives you negative feedback; learn from the comments that you think are helpful and ignore the rest.

Or maybe you’re a writer and live to tell stories and put words on a page. And if you have some other well-read friends, you can even start your own book club. Good writing and good friends go hand in hand.

Learning to appreciate art means learning to appreciate more in life. Yes, science, law, maths, and engineering are super important. But songs, paintings, drawings, literature, dance — these are what we live for. Without art, our lives would have no colour, or music, or drama.

For all the moments in your life, happy and sad, art can be your answer. All you have to do is express yourself.