6 ways to prepare for your future.

There’s more to growing up than finally doing things you were not allowed to do. You also have to think seriously about your future - you’re never too young to start planning for the future.

Setting goals
A goal is something you want to achieve in the future. Setting goals will help give you direction. To set goals, figure out what it is that you want to achieve in future, and have a plan to help you get there. For instance, I knew I wanted to achieve my matric, so I set out all of the steps I needed to take to get there, like studying hard.

Be realistic
Think about where to start and how long it will take to achieve your goal. Say you want to ace that math test. This means attending extra classes and spending a lot more time revising.

Have an open mind
Having an open mind means that you’re willing to try something which will take you out of your comfort zone. This will help you try out different things and easily adapt in different situations.

Discipline is about being able to control your feelings and not giving in to your weaknesses. Let’s say you have been saving for a laptop but see a dress you like. Discipline will remind you that you have a bigger priority than getting a new dress no matter how much you want it right now!

Having someone successful to look up to will give you something to work towards. You can learn how they do their work, where they started and the determination they put into being successful.

Finding your passion
What is it that you love doing? For example, If you have a hobby, like sewing, read up on fashion designers, find out where they studied, what the career involves so you know what you are looking forward to in the future.