Raise your hand

It will help you do better in school!

Being confident in school can be hard. You may be nervous to ask teachers to repeat something or raise your hand when you know the right answer to a question.

Do you feel like this is making you seem like you're not as smart as you are?

Getting good results in school means you can have even more choices when you leave school. It will help you study further or even do better at your job if you start working straight away.

Here are three tips on doing well at school even if you’re not super confident about speaking in front of the class.

  1. Ask questions sooner than later. It’s better to ask questions now than to be confused for weeks.
  2. Stay behind after class and talk to teachers one-on-one if you’re really nervous to speak in front of the whole class. Always ask a friend to stay with you so you’re not alone.
  3. Don’t pay attention to people who tease you for wanting to do well at school – stay focused on your end goal and don’t let negative thoughts (especially from others) distract you.

The most important secret is remembering that everyone’s afraid of getting judged – even the most confident people. Being brave and asking a question doesn’t mean they’re not scared. And the more you learn to get over your fear, the more confident you become.