Head of the class

Learn how to be a better student.

Here are some fun and easy tips that will help get you to the head of the class in no time!

Colour your world
Write notes and pay attention in the class. When you get home re-copy the really tough stuff to help memorise it. Make your notes more interesting, highlight the important parts. You can also add lists, stickers, or whatever you think will help keep you alert. This will also help you study better because our brains naturally love things that look fun!

Take a break
Every 50 to 60 minutes, take a break from your books for a couple minutes to re-energise yourself. A short walk outside will reset your brain and inspire you to jump back into studying.

But not with your phone
Put your phone away. And any other gadgets. The more places your brain is scattered into, the less likely you are to remember what you were studying.

Test yourself
Ask someone in your family or a friend to do little tests with you. Nothing proves how well you know the subject like having somebody asking you about everything you just studied.

Don’t forget to reward yourself
Maybe it’s a piece of cake or giving yourself some time to check your Facebook, or maybe it’s just jumping up and down and shouting to celebrate. Be proud of all the hard work you’ve done!