No means no

It’s your body and your choice.

The ability to say “NO” is your right. Nobody can tell you that you don’t get to choose what happens to your body and your life. This is true for all parts of life, but it’s especially important to remember when you start dating.

Your bae might be kind, funny and cute but sometimes, you might meet a guy who’s a bit pushy.

Refiloe learned this the hard way when her Prince Charming tried to put his hands where they did not belong during a movie date.

She tried using body language to show him that the way he was touching her was not okay, but he didn’t stop. She was scared but she knew that if she wanted to make him stop, she would have to speak up.

She gathered all of her courage and firmly and loudly, “Stop it. I don’t want you to touch me like that.”

Girls are taught to be polite, nice, and respectful. But if someone makes you uncomfortable, you don’t owe them respect. It’s your body and your right to say “NO”, Here are some tips on how to do it:

Plan it. Think through situations ahead of time. Plan how you’ll say “NO” if you need to. Say the words aloud and in different ways. Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend. Avoid it. Try to avoid spending time with people who make you uncomfortable or try to get you to do things you don’t want to. Say it. If someone’s trying to get you to do something you know you shouldn’t, or something that makes you feel nervous, tell them, “No thanks. I don’t do that,” or say “stop that”.

If someone is treating you badly, remember you have rights.