Junk food is out

…And eating healthy is in! It’s time to treat yourself right.

Your body needs a lot of energy for you to be able to do your school work, help around the house and for extracurricular activities.

You need good nutrients, and although kota and magwinya taste good, they aren’t great for your growing body. Why eat better?

Eating more fruits and vegetables will help protect you from illness and injury and give you the energy you need throughout the day.

Kitchen rules!
They way food is cooked affects how healthy or unhealthy it is. Grilled food is better than fried food. Avoiding deep fried foods and instead of using a cup of oil when cooking chakalaka, use three tablespoons.
Tip: Overcooking vegetables removes nutrients, so cook vegetables just enough for them to keep their nutrients and flavour.

Water is your best friend
Water is the best thing you can drink. We constantly need to top up because we lose large amounts of water during the day.
To make your water tasty without adding extra sugar or calories, try adding cucumber or lemon slices.

It’s not about dieting
If you feel like you need to lose a little weight, don’t go on a diet. Being healthy is not about going on a diet, which can harm your health. Rather make lifestyle changes like eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting the amount of fatty and sugary food you eat. Start exercising, even if it’s taking a walk with friends three times a week.

Being healthy is a life choice you make for you, because you want to feel better and be healthier. You’ve only got one body.

Love it and keep it healthy!