Domestic goddess

Your kitchen is your greatest beauty secret!

”Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose skin is the most glowing it has ever been?”. Want to say “me” but you are not feeling very pretty right now? A lot of changes happen to your body when you reach puberty. Other than going on your period, your body fills out a little bit and your skin becomes oily or gets spots. Blame hormones. They’re like chemical messengers that control how our bodies work. Don’t stress about the changes. They’re all normal. And, with a little help from your kitchen, you can keep your skin, body and hair healthy and happy.

Coconut oil

Think of it as nature’s gift to your skin and hair. It moisturises skin, you can use it as a cleanser and to treat dry, itchy skin. It’s also known to remove dandruff and keep hair healthy. To treat dandruff, apply a little oil to your hair roots every night until the dandruff goes. To moisturise your hair, wet it with water before applying coconut oil. Done. Clicks and Pick n Pay sell Hercules coconut oil for less than R20.


If you want to show oily skin who is boss, next time you fry an egg, only use the yolk. Instead of cooking the egg white, apply it to your clean face and let it dry before washing it off.


Skin grows and renews itself by removing dead cells. When these cells pile up, they make your skin look dull. When you scrub your face, you remove the dead cells, making your skin look fresh. To make a scrub, mix half a cup of brown sugar with half a cup of lemon juice and store in an airtight jar. Scrub your face with a teaspoon when you wash it for a smoother skin.