Girls rule!

Siphokazi (17) shares how her family and friends helped her become a top student.

We all have the power to do great things, but only with the support of family and friends! That’s why it’s important to turn to them when you need the encouragement to reach your goals.

When I was in matric last year, I set myself the goal of passing with distinctions.

A goal is a target that you set for yourself, like improving your marks, learning to save, or starting a business.

To get to your goal, you need a plan of action. These are things that you will do to reach your target.

When you set a goal, especially an ambitious one, you need to be determined and work hard to get to where you want to be.

This is where the help and support of my friends and community came in. My friends and I formed a study group that met every day after school to study and revise. I also talked to my family about my goal and explained why I couldn’t always help with chores.

My teachers told me about organisations that help learners with their studies and revisions, like Ikamva Youth. I also attended Saturday school, as well as winter and spring classes during school holidays.

Knowing that all my hard work would lead me to my goal helped me focus, especially on days when it seemed like I was in over my head. The end result? Other than getting 7 distinctions, I was flown to Johannesburg to meet the minister of basic education, Angie Motshekga. I was also offered a bursary to study actuarial sciences at the University of Cape Town. My final year of school taught me that hard work pays off. The determination we put into reaching our goals is worth it.