I turned a small idea....

Into a business.

Ideas change the world. Think about everything that you love or use, like Facebook. When it started it was only for students at Harvard University in America. Now more than 1 billion people use it.

That’s how ideas work. Even a small one can change your life.

Kananelo is the girl behind Eye_M. She makes bracelets and necklaces from beads and African print fabric.

“I was struggling to find beaded necklaces and bracelets that appealed to me. After looking around for a while I realised that I could start making what I was looking for.”

Her idea turned into a business when her friends started asking her where she bought her jewellery.

To start a business you need capital. This is the money you will use to get started by buying your stock and supplies.

“To raise my capital, I saved my pocket money and limited going out,” she explains, adding, “Whenever I make money, I put it back into the business.”

She uses Facebook to reach more customers.

“I use hashtags that relate to my business like #handmadeaccessories and #beads so people who search for these can still find me even if they don’t follow me online.” She also sells her products at markets.

“Running my own business has shown me the importance of being my own boss. I determine my future and would love for every girl to feel the same way I do: powerful and full of potential.”

Her tips for success? - Make sure your prices cover the cost of labour and materials - Invest the money you make back in the business - Research your market and products as often possible to keep up with trends.

That’s it. That’s how you can turn a small idea into something big in your life.