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Hi y'all I'm new here my name is Siphokaziie Well I'm in a crazy predicament here. I became friends with this boy i call him MZ so after a while i actually fell for him but when he asked me if i had a boyfriend i got nervous n say a lot of mumbo-jumbo he then he got a girlfriend i had known his gf years b4 he did. I thought I didn't love him that much anymore but i felt jealous. Then i don't know what happened between them but he then started being normal u know behaving like he usually did he flirted way more. Then one day when it was raining we kissed , we always had these friendly hugs but as of last month when i hugged him the hugs got a tad more heated. Then someday last month when i hugged him after soccer practice we kissed for a looong time ( it was my first kiss). Look i don't wanna hurt his ex yu know i really don't. Plz help y'all😢😢😢😢

Nov. 21, 2022, 8:15 p.m.