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Hi guyz l am new here and my relationship with my mother is not good at all well l am a girl and a teenage so from a very young age my mom and l haven't been good so l am de second born when my little bro came to live l felt like my mom gave her too much attention they were close they'd do almost everything together when l realized this because l am always alone and thinking a lot checking people's movements l isolated myself l never spoke to her when l had problems l would never speak to her even if it is de two of us in de house so l am a person whom complains with a heart so now l kinda don't care about her l had started hating my little bro and my mom once told me she doesn't care about me and I am avenging myself now by doing some out thing that she doesn't want me to do now my heart is turning into a stone heart and l am promoting it cause it makes me not to care

Nov. 20, 2022, 5:45 p.m.