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So Guys Can U Help Me Even Though I Acted Like A Dick I Was Gonna Ask Atalia But Shes Offline Anways My Pals And I Are Those Popular Kids In School We Even Have Obsessed Fans U Know So When We Were Changing In The Changing Room These Girls Were Taking Pics Of Us Luck For Me I Was Wearing Something Umderneath Epcept My Shirt (I wasn't Embarrassed Of My Abs It's Just That I Never Posted Something Like Ok Fine After School Some People Are Laughing To One Of My Friends And Some Aere Whistling At Me .My Ex Girlfriend Showed Me A Pic Of Me and my friend in it 2 Of My Pals Were Already changed ,1 Of Them Had A Towel Wrapped Around His Waist And Me only With My Shorts On .Can U Guys Help To Bring My Clubs Name Back To Its Title Plz Give Me Ideas and I'm trending on the schoolz group plz help need it by tomorrow

Nov. 3, 2022, 7:27 p.m.

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