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Hey guys, it's Clement, I'm new here. Saving it's not a bad idea. You won't have money problems in your life if you learn to save. I only save R240 every month after receiving my 350 grant. I only withdraw R100 every time I get my 350. After having withdrawn R100 I take R50 and buy two 1kg instant porridges and the other R50 it's for toiletries/ cosmetics. I know you might think I'm stingy when it comes to buying cosmetics. We'll, I'm not trust Me. There's only four(4) items on my cosmetic list, and that includes: A roll-on, body lotion, Colgate and soup. All in all they do not cost R50 I know that but i decided to group them. For me, a roll-on goes with a Colgate and together they cost R38 and a body lotion goes with a soup and they cost R41. What I do is, i take that R50 and buy only two items. For example, if this month I bought a roll-on and a Colgate the following month I'll buy a body lotion and a soup. And, tell you What I have enough cosmetics at the moment. I don't have much in my bank account but after all I have something saved up! Anyway, here is my number 068 584 3294. I'm Nkanyiso Sibongiseni on facebook.

Oct. 29, 2022, 6:56 p.m.

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