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Hi so as I told u guys I like this Boy.His name is Luke ,I didn't know if I should tell him that I like him,and most people said I should tell him. ....I mean we live in the same street,go to the same school,same age,going to the same highschool,the same age.Now I don't know if he likes me... 🤔Like one day it was a Monday.I was wearing a dress my hair was good and than my sister and myself had to go to the shop(I was too shy).so we walked past him he was calling my name when we passed him,and when we came back he called my name again.....Like the other time as well it's like he is watching me ,we don't speak at school but a little at home.He kept on asking my sister about me ,he knows who my ex boyfriend is I don't know how he knows at that time we didn't speak to each other yet....But I heard everything becoz they were talking about me outside..... You Know What I Thought..... HE IS ACTUALLY THE FIRST BIG CRUSH IVE EVER HAD ......... I DON'T TELL ANYONE OTHERWISE THEY WILL TELL HIM I LIKE HIM AND I WANT TO BE THE ONE TO TELL HIM....😻🤯😊☺️ PIPER💜💙✌️

Oct. 28, 2022, 2 p.m.

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