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Hi 21 years old and am facing so much on my side,I hate my stepfather... He once wanted to rape me when I was 18 and my mom wasn't at home,he always act innocent around people,he didn't want me to have any boyfriend or go out to visit my friends but I did that by force...eventually this year he turned to be a real abuser to me and my mom...he started say hurtful words towards my mom as she's a cheater and dating small boys etc while mom doesn't do any of that.He's started badmouthing my boyfriend at my family that he's thug,he doesn't work and so many hurtful things,he's started telling lies that I go out with my boyfriend and sleep over while a never did such,I never been happy because of him since 2016 and I sometimes I think of running away because he's getting worse,he hates me because am not his own and I never knew my biological father.Two months back he threatened to kill my mom and he has a gun,tried to get my mom out of her own house because of greedy and bad heart he have...the man is a pig

March 20, 2022, 8:56 p.m.

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